Finally, we all have one simple, easy to use website.  Hi there!  I’m Joe, I’m the Texas “franchise” of the Kiszka family (or at least the Kiszka Family as we know it.)

That being said, I’m the webmaster for this website.  This will be a work in progress…  I’ve sent everyone a username and a password so they can poke around and write articles.  Here are some features that can be used on the site:

  • Subscription based news publishing – if there’s something that we want to roll out to the world, you can write the news story here and have it pushed out to everyone via e-mail.
  • Common Links – I’ve added a few of these at the bottom right.  If anyone else can think of some other ones that would be nice, let me know and I’ll add them.

Most importantly, here’s how I’d like to grow this project:

  • Put up genealogy records on the website.
  • Allow everyone to upload photos to their own gallery.
  • Allow everyone to write new posts to be shared, and perhaps serve individual blog pages.
  • Have a family calendar, including birthdays, anniversaries, and obituaries.
  • Perhaps have a time / weather dashboard to see what the conditions are wherever the Kiszka’s are.

As you can probably tell, I’m still looking for ideas!  Let me know if you have any.  In the mean time, have a good day…