TheKiszkas.com was founded in June, 2010 by Joe Kiszka.  Finally, we all have one simple, easy to use website.  The purpose of the website is to allow immediately for:

  • Subscription based news publishing – if there’s something that we want to roll out to the world, you can write the news story here and have it pushed out to everyone via e-mail.
  • Common Links – I’ve added a few of these at the bottom right.  If anyone else can think of some other ones that would be nice, let me know and I’ll add them.

And, longer term:

  • Put up genealogy records on the website.
  • Allow everyone to upload photos to their own gallery.
  • Allow everyone to write new posts to be shared, and perhaps serve individual blog pages.
  • Have a family calendar, including birthdays, anniversaries, and obituaries.
  • Perhaps have a time / weather dashboard to see what the conditions are wherever the Kiszka’s are.
  • …and more, depending on what ideas I dream up.

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